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Why do we use Trading-Indicators?

The indicator is an algorithm that detects the smallest price movements and allows the Investor and Trader the advantage of being supplied from the inside of the movement.

I develop algorithms that use these advantages and take into account the trend and sideways movements, as well as declining strength, in order to hide a large number of indicators in the chart. These indicators give confidence and time to manage ongoing trades.

MT4 Indicators

besides the mentioned advantages, the algorithm takes into account the time of day that a trader has time to trade. This means that for a trader in Europe different trading hours are tradable than for a trader in the USA and consequently generate different signals.

many of my indicators are self-developed and can be accessed directly on the Indicators page or via the Metaquotes shop page.

simple Trading Strategies

these strategies are old-fashioned, often found on the Internet in many variations and still up-to-date - all referring to trend-following methods.

MT4 Support and Resistance Lines

even these simple indicators are self-developed, particularly useful in day trading and hardly require explanation.

YouTube-Channel for MT4 Indicators

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Videos, Tutorials for Indicator Settings, the still scarce supply of explanatory videos will be gradually expanded.

I am happy to receive suggestions, on all topics of my indicators and produce accordingly the answers for both YouTube channels. Do not miss anything, just subscribe to the newsletter.

Shopping Metatrader 4 Indicators from MQL5-Shop-Site of

here you get my most important MT4 indicators

ClausForex on the Metaquotes - Shop - Page, here are my affordable indicators as signal generator and free indicators which were downloaded over 30,000 times from over 150 countries.

The flagship Momentum Solo has developed over the years into a multi-talent for trend systems and will continue to evolve as promised.


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