3 good reasons for daytraders to use the Break-Out-Box

Breakout-Box Session-Box ClausForex.com

... find your own time slots, not the whole day is good for trading!

1. adapt the time window to trading habits
2. review the effectiveness of indicators
3. also usable as breakout box

4. spread will show as an additional box
5. 9 predefined session profiles
6. 5 Adjusting boxes individually
7. GMT/UTC shift

Break-Out-Session-Box  ClausForex.com

pre-defined profiles facilitate working with the Session-Box, here the profile "Forex" with GMT-Shift -1;

Break-Out-Session-Box customizable, ClausForex.com

here with the pre-setting "customize" without GMT shift, but the times are manually adjusted, which correspond to 8-16:00 o'clock according to German daylight saving time;

London-Break-Out with ClausForex.com Breakout-Session-Box

with the support resistance box (=true) the session box can be used as a break-out system, the up and down running boxes correspond to the opening phase (session start to session end); 

useful at the earliest after the first recognizable trend movement, higher high, higher low and vice versa, lower low, lower high, the corresponding direction should also be confirmed from the superordinate time frame in general, resistances and supports from the past as well as known chart patterns should not be ignored, because the boxes from the indicator are not binding and only reproduce a very simple London break-out system (just google it)

Break-Out-Session-Box  and Momentum-Solo, ClausForex.com

The effectiveness of indicators can be shown extremely well, e.g. it is possible to determine at which times of the day an indicator can best be used, here as an example the momentum solo with various trend filters;

What you get, when you subscribe:

over 40,000 downloads from 170 countries, the darker the green, the more downloads;

BreakOut-Session-Box 23000 Downloads worldwide, clausforex.com

The indicator is free of charge and can be downloaded directly from Metatrader4 or via the MQL5 shop page;

without detours, directly to the "Breakout Box"

free full version without restrictions

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