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best Momentum-Solo updates

Version 20.7 2020.07.01

- added number of arrows in E-Mail-Header and all other Messages
- improved chart-performance, it shows the first arrows after a change of direction without waiting
- improved the counting of the arrows, now it doesn't matter when the indicator has applied, now it counts correctly after the last change of direction

- added 3.Email (Email with custom Header and Content; - at the end of the settings)
- added alert-switch when -Bars to process- lower than 500

Version 19.51 2019.05.28

4. (moving average) ctt MA-Filter
close to trend Line moved to ctt-settings
• added "Profil-menue"
- 200 sma
- 200 sma / 50 sma crossover
- 8, 13, 20 ema
- 12 ema-Channel, no cross-over
- 12 ema-Channel, shift 36
- 10, 50 ema - 200 sma
- H4 60 ema h/l, close to Trend 0, 60ema, 200sma
- H1 60 ema h/l, close to Trend 0, 20ema, 60ema, 200sma

Version 19.5 2019.05.05

3. (moving average) MA-Filter

- added description for default Trend-Functions
Trend, normal = 8ema 13ema 20ema
Trend, stronger = 8ema 13ema 20ema 36ema
Magic, shifted Trend (similar to Hurst) = 1sma shift36

- screen clears after deleted additional Info from chart

Version 19.3 2019.03.31

high- or low- Price of the Momentum-Candle will be send in all alerts:
alert, send email, push-notification, screenshot;

if you want,
default is off = no Price will be send to any alert;

AUDUSD, H1 1.Arrow => up 0.71046 Demo-Accou...

Version 18.121 2018.12.09

added RSI level - RSI below X, for long
added RSI level - RSI above X, for short
- allows signals in overbought and oversold ranges

Version 18.12 2018.12.02

- RSI level above X (0-100) and below X (0-100), default 50

Version 18.9 2018.09.20

2. Email - Alert
2. email-comment field for Email-A / Email-B
- if you intend to forward emails to an blog or sozial media

new text-field for Account-Company
- if Account-details of your broker are not wanted in email
- you can discribe the account-typ, the Broker-Name won't appear
- only "default" will show the Broker-Name

bug fix email-custom-content
- custom-content will be posted to all set occaisions now

Version 18.7 2018.07.20

extended default email-header
default Email-Header-example old: MT4 Momentum solo Activity
default Email-Header-example new: MT4 Momentum solo Activity, USDCAD

Version 18.2 2018.03.06

new functions
MACD filter, reacts over and below 0
PSAR filter, arrows in PSAR direction only
Correlation filter, for max. two more instruments
Screenshot with picture setup for height and width

expanded functions
second price for the 2nd MA
value for the Arrow Position to the Candle
value for "Momentum close to the Trend only"

more about the Momentum-Solo can be found on my indicators page:

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