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Targetlines | Support and Resistance

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I have no doubt about the effect of Targetlines as Support and Resistance, these are the long and short term values that should never be underestimated in the technical chart analysis.

They are easy to discover and mark on any chart, a neat overview of a higher time-frame and the trading chart quickly turns a simple chart into a recognizable pattern that brings many benefits.

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Dynamic  Support & Resistance Lines

FII dynamic-s-r clausforex.com


  • Targets (blue)
  • Reference ATR 20
  • Starting points (orange) Daily Pivot / day Open
  • Starting point / Retracements individually adjustable
  • default retracements => fibonacci numbers

FII dynamic support resistance lines

download Indicator here:

openlines clausforex.com

Open Lines

openlines clausforex.com


  • show Open from 4 different time-frames simultaneously
  • all details can be set individually

FII Open Lines

download Indicator here:

prevdas clausforex.com

Previous Day Line   high / low

FII prev-day-high-low  forex-index-intraday.com


  • high and low of the previous day
  • all details can be set individually
  • sunday correction

FII Previous Day Line

download Indicator here:

thisweek forex-index-intraday.com

This Week Line   high / low

FII this week high low  forex-index-intraday.com


  • high and low of the current week
  • all details can be set individually
  • sunday correction

FII this Week Line

download Indicator here:

pivotlines clausforex.com

Pivot Lines   daily, monthly, weekly

FII pivot lines clausforex.com


  • all details can be set individually
  • no sunday correction for daily

FII Pivot Lines

download Indicator here:

Tools from other programmers

... very useful tools, that I use from time to time

tools from other programmers

Multi  TimeFrame  MovingAverages

MQL5 Shop Multi TimeFrame MovingAverages

indicator for MetaTrader 4

  • Shows multi timeframe Moving Average on one chart.

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